Cole Weinman


I'm currently a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin studying Computer Science. I have experience with mobile app development as well as modern web development. I am knowledgeable in Java, Dart, JavaScript, Typescript and Python.


Phone: 214-621-4009


My Classroom Apparel

My Classroom Apparel is a web portal for school uniform programs. It is currently being used by 20 different schools to view parent uniform orders and commissions. It also acts as an admin portal to process orders and order returns.

Standalone demo site coming soon.

Debt Check

Have you ever lent someone money and then forgot about it? Debt Check helps you and your friends keep track of how much money is owed through a simple process of sending them "debt checks." With debt checks, you will never forget how much someone owes you, or how much you owe someone else.

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Saguaro is a money management app that allows for users to create customized savings plans. Users can input what they are saving for and how much they look to save, and our app along with customization input from the user will track when the user should make a payment to best achieve their savings goal. Saguaro uses push notifications to remind the user when to make a payment in order to keep them on track.

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GrAde is a fully featured grade calculator that allowed for the calculation of GPA's and class grades.

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TrackMC is a tool to track player counts on Minecraft servers.