Cole Weinman

About Me

I'm currently a junior at the University of Texas at Austin, majoring in computer science and minoring in business. Most of my work reflects my passion for improving processes and workflows using technology and software. I'm always looking for new opportunities where I can make an impact and further develop my technical and professional skills.

I have experience working with React, Flutter, and Angular frameworks. I am also knowledgeable in Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, Python, and C.

For summer 2022, I will be working at Cisco in Richardson where I will be working on the development and testing of their cloud-calling backend microservices.


Phone: 214-621-4009


My Classroom Apparel

My Classroom Apparel is a web app for school uniform programs. It is currently being used by over 15 different schools to view uniform orders and store commissions. It also acts as an admin portal for fulfillment businesses to fulfill orders, manage inventory, and process returns.

I wrote My Classroom Apparel for a small apparel business alone using Flutter frontend framework and a microservice backend architecture.

As of June 2022, My Classroom Apparel has processed over 4,000 orders and 30,000 inventory items.

(Click "Demo" button in top right corner to view school administrator demo)


AnnounceNet is a new project I'm working on to bring information across different platforms into a unified notification system.

Currently, AnnounceNet works with media devices like Nest Homes, to act as voice announcement devices to notify users of events. It is aimed at small businesses to announce things like when a machine stops running, when a new payment comes in, when there is a new weather alerts, and when someone opens the door.

Debt Check

Debt Check is a mobile app that tracks money owed. Users can send "debt checks" to individuals who owe them money which sends them a notification and reminds them of money owed.

The idea of "debt checks" started as a joke with my friends and turned into a fully-featured mobile app.

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Saguaro is a proof-of-concept money management app that allows users to create customized savings plans. Users can input what they are saving for and how much they look to save, and our app along with customization input from the user will track when the user should make a payment to best achieve their savings goal. Saguaro uses push notifications to remind the user when to make a payment in order to keep them on track.

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GrAde is a fully featured grade calculator that allowed for the calculation of GPA's and class grades.

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TrackMC is a tool to track player counts on Minecraft servers.